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Delays with FX loops - Which ones and what do you put in the loop?


Bumping this up for more ideas. I'm really digging the Mr. Black Gilamondo in the loop of my Deluxe Memory Boy. What are you using?


I have an EHX Deluxe Memory Boy that I really like.

Sometimes the repeats are just the tiniest bit dark, but most of the time it really delivers a great analog tone.

I love the sound of running an analog tremolo in the loop, especially a deeper trem that is just the slightest bit off tempo sync from the delay repeats.

I've also run an EQ in the loop a few times to change the character of the repeats.

Lastly, I've been really enjoying trying out different iStomp sounds in the loop.
If you think the repeats are dark, hold down the footstwitch select button. When all the lights are lit up, dial the rate knob clockwise to enter a bass reduction mode which brightens the repeats.

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