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Deleting tone control...lower value volume pots?


Guitar is a Univox Eagle. Strat style with 3 humbuckers and a 3-way switch. Wanna ditch the tone controls in favor of 3 separate volumes.

With the stock 500k pots, isnt the cumulative resistance lower? Even with all knobs full on?

So, if each pickup is, essentially, it's own circuit then should I drop down to some 300 or 250s to keep the overall tone like it was with the tones in the circuit?


Garrett Bagby

Yes, 500k volume + 500k tone gives you parallel resistance of 250k.

If any of your selector positions have both tones active, the resistance is 167k in those positions.

If you find the tone too harsh when you take out the tone controls, you can use resistors to add a load to your current pots, or you can buy lower value pots.

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