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I'm looking for Deluxe-Reverb type smooth breakup tone, to use in front of a very clean amp, always-on kinda like a preamp. So it needs to be amp-like, dynamic and all.

I know Boss has exactly that, and Tech 21 came out with a Fender pedal too, I'm wondering if there are any other options out there!



The yellow ( clean side ) of an anaolgman KOT V4 is perfect for that.

I had a regular stint at this casino in Arizona that had one of the shrillest thinnest Fender Twin I'd ever heard for a backline amp.

The only way I could get a descent sound out of it was using the KOT as an always on preamp on the yelllow channel - improved the sound greatly. Then i put a few other effects in front of the KOT for the gig ( in effect the KOT became my amp and the twin reverb just amplified that base tone )

As an FYI, i made the mistake of using a Fulldrive instead of the KOT at a different stint there and was not as satisfied with the tone.....


The BOSS one is excellent. I had a DRII and I think it captured that sound pretty damned good.

Only problem with the Boss one is the quirky "reverb" on it...makes "splash" sounds (like when you kick a real accutronics reverb tank) seemingly at random when playing...I tried a few and they all did it.

Other than that, it is a DR in a box...

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