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Deluxe reverb kit recommendation

Just finish to build a Trinity 5e3 kit that sound amasing.
Now i'am looking for my next build, and i want to do a 6e20 DR kit.
Not a lot of companies offers this kit, and i was looking at the Allens Accomplice kit, because it have no vibrato and 3 band eq, but Allens do not ship anymore in Canada.
So the only option left to me seem to be the Weber or the Mojotone. What do you think about these kit, or if you have other ones to suggest to me.
I don't need cabinet, i build my own one.




Gold Supporting Member
If you have a trusted friend in the US, you could have the Allen kit sent to him and then shipped to you. I followed the build by Aussie @shinbones on Strat-talk and he produced a beautiful amp.


Have you talked with David Allen directly? 'They' is he and pretty sure from my working with him he would help a brother out? Excellent kits, just built a Classic 10.

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