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Originally posted by johan
...Caps are still fresh! Amazing! However, I think it can get a bit "better" tone, probably with another speaker (original Oxford) and some "small" mods...
If those caps are the originals from 1965, they're not fresh! Electrolytic capacitors are only expected to last about 10 years. On an amp that isn't used much (usually the case with a really clean amp), the caps degrade even faster. If you have your Deluxe re-capped, I'll bet you that you'll find the tone you're looking for... cleaner, clearer, fatter, punchier. Don't mod anything until you've had a chance to hear it with fresh caps. A 65 Deluxe in proper working order is about as close to perfection as an amp circuit is gonna get!


Originally posted by John Phillips
The heater current may be an issue - although it doesn't seem to be, especially if a SS rectifier is used as well, which will reduce the power draw on the transformer. But oddly, the plate load mismatch is not an issue at all - because the stock OT ratio is incorrect for 6V6s into an 8-ohm load, and actually much closer to that for 6L6s.

I didn't believe that when I first read about it, so the next time I had a Deluxe with 6L6s to measure, I checked - and sure enough, it's true! You get more power into 8 ohms than 4 (which would be the correct match for 6L6s if 8 was right for 6V6s) - quite substantially, which if you're fitting 6L6s for extra clean headroom and a fuller tone is what you want. Add in a SS rectifier and you get a much bigger, tighter tone that does not flub out at the bottom end like the stock amp tends to.

In fact, the correct load for 6V6s is closer to 16 ohms, and if you do fit a 16-ohm speaker, you will also notice a tighter, punchier tone with less flub and a little more volume (assuming similar speakers).
Excellent information John, first time I have heard that about the load on Deluxe trannies.

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Blackfacing actually reduces clean headroom. This may not be what you're looking for.

I've actually read about some people who SILVERFACE blackface amps (gasp) because they like the tone better.

There is ABSOLUTELY NO consensus on tone. If there were, why would there be hundreds of different amps and guitars to choose from?

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