Sold Demeter Tremulator, Zendrive, Xotic RC Booster, vintage MXR Phase 90 ...f/s

Jim S

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Hermida Zendrive
SOLD thanks Grant lh86

I think it's before Lovepedal because the Zendrive was unavailable and Alf was completely backlogged when I purchased it used years ago. I'm not sure how to tell but photos of the insides are below with Alph's signature.

Demeter Tremulator
SOLD Velcro on bottom

Xotic RC booster
SOLD $105original box and papers

vintage MXR Phase 90 script logo (original 70s)
SOLD $60modded with LED, true bypass, and 9V jack (I think the latter was added)Velcro on bottom

Zendrive guts and s/n below

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