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Denis Cornell Deserves Credit


For being a true gentleman, not to mention an excellent amp builder. After chasing my tail for almost a week with a used Cornell Plexi bought from ebay, the problem I was experiencing has been traced to preamp valves. I know they should have been one of the first things checked, but it's a long story, suffice to say it won't happen again.

Denis answered his phone everytime and took the time to speak with me, emails are always answered within a day. He also offered to phone and talk a local tech through the amp when it was on the bench, or give it a free ckeck up if I decided to ship the amp to him.

Now, he tells me he will select a pair of preamp valves and send them to me for the Plexi. All this considering I bought the amp used and saved 30% off the new price, outstanding customer service. I will buy Cornell again and again after this experience.


+1, got a plexi20 and a romany plus. Top fella, great amps. probably be my only ones for a long long time.


I bought a Plexi 45/50 a Plexi 7, a LegACy30 and a2x12 cab from Denis and his customer service is perfect.
Ooh, do tell more about the LegACy30 when you have the time. My AC30tbx is in need of repair and I don't need much of an excuse to look into a Cornell AC30 type amp.
The Cornell LegACy 30 is one of the best Vox amps ever. I sold it because I'm more Marshall fan and also because I couldn't resist the offer of buying a Rossington SG. Denis has built very few of those. One day I will buy one again especially because he is planning to make a Legacy 2x12 cab. for all the techical details and photo's please take a look on www.proguitar.de in Germany.


Wow, thanks Pete. That site has more pics and general info on Cornell amps than the Cornell site does!


the part about the 45/50 being a 110% copy of an old plexi is ********. the layout is different. the prescence circuit is different etc


Supporting Member
I totally respect the fact that he builds a brilliant amp, and as it looks, can teach a few of the builders around something about manners and customer service. That said, close to 5K US for an AC-30 head?
That is alot of hamburgurs! I would certainly do it if I had the income.


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