Dialing out "sitar" sounding high frequencies from a room?


I'm having trouble with my high-frequency tone with my setup at the rehearsal space we play in for my band. This is the case now with two different rooms. They were similar in size and in one other design; cheap hardwood floors with little floor covering. He does have some sound absorption on the walls now. But it is not helping my tone at all.

I have two main guitars, an LP and a tele. And two amps, PRRI (Alessandro) and a Redplate CDS2. I get the worst tone from my top two strings. Almost like the nut slot is cut too deep and there is fret buzz hitting an open string. It is not the guitars. And it's not the amps either because this doesn't happen in my studio or when we play out. Just in the rehearsal space.

Last night I tried to dial it out by turning the treble control way down. It didn't really do it. I'm at wits end. Any one ever have this kind of an issue? What did you do/can be done? Thanks in advance.
The only things I can think of that could make that noise are sympathetic metal vibrations. Check to see what is vibrating on the drum set.

You'd be surprised what a set of keys on the bass players amp can sound like when a sympathetic harmonic starts causing them to sing.

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