Diamond Amplification / Soldano Custom Amplification 327 SD

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    May 13, 2008
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    Blues City Music is offering both versions of this amp for sale. I was involved with this project and both companies from the beginning and can tell you everyone is ecstatic about this amp. I am personally getting #002 of 010 in the silver on black tolex design.

    Why 327 and not Keith Black 500 or Chevy 427, 454, 502, 572 rat motor? Mike Soldano has a serious car collection and the 327 is his all time favorite engine. There ya go.

    There will be 10 Limited Edition Silver on Black 327SD's. As of 16 March 15', there is 1 left, get it while you can. $3,599.00.

    There will be 50 of the black on silver production 327SD. These are selling very well already too. I've sold one right out of the gate too. $3,299.00.

    50% down is all it takes, and balance paid in full upon shipping.

    Think Diamond Phantom serious clean tones, great loop, 2.5 channels with lots of gain options, depth control, and SLO 100 overdrive.

    Easy to buy, go to www.bluescitymusic.com, it's a full blown web store now with tons of pics, text, and video's, or give us a call, we'll be glad to answer any questions you may have.


    Lynn Burke



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