FS Diamond Comp SL 210$ shipped

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    Diamond Comp SL

    200$ + 10$ shipping CONUS only

    Comp SL is the production version of the SE "audiophile" Diamond Comp.

    From the Diamond Pedal website :

    Introduced at MusikMesse 2005 in Frankfurt, the Diamond Compressor has found its way onto thousands of pedal boards worldwide – and our sincere thanks to all those who have supported us over the years. Since introducing the original comp, we’ve released a version tailored to the bass (the Bass Comp), a special ‘audiophile’ edition of the comp called the Comp SE, and most recently a compact version called the Comp Jr . Since the release of the Comp SE, we’ve had numerous requests to get the SE’s noted transparency and definition in a more mainstream package… now introducing the Diamond Comp SL!

    Velcro on the bottom as shown in pics.


    Will do deal through TGP or Reverb - Your choice.

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