Sold Diamond Memory Lane Jr. v2 delay pedal


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Selling my excellent-condition* Diamond Memory Lane Jr. (updated Version 2) since it turns out that I'm not much of a "delay" guy after all.
*There does appear to be some sort of chip/defect on the face of the pedal (look below the "Lane Jr" words, to the left of the LED) but as far as I can tell this is a factory paint flaw--the pedal is otherwise glossy & spotless with no wear.

The MLNJr is a pretty compact pedal--only about 4.75" wide by 3.75" tall--and is PACKED with all sorts of features, including:
  • Up to 1200ms of delay time
  • Tap Tempo with 1/4 note, dotted 8th, and 8th note triplet subdivisions
  • Adjustable modulation
  • Standard 9V operation (battery or power supply)
  • Selectable True-Bypass or Buffered with Delay Trails operation
  • Multi-color LED for indication of tap subdivision and delay time

Pictures of actual pedal here: Lane Jr v2 001.jpg?dl=0 Lane Jr v2 002.jpg?dl=0 Lane Jr v2 003.jpg?dl=0

Comes with original box and printed instructions.

Price is $SOLD via regular PayPal, which includes FREE USPS Priority Mail shipping to anywhere in the United States.
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