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A truly special Square face. I am the original owner and bought direct from Diaz musical products before the company went out of business. The company was close to where I was living at the time and I was in direct communication with Peter McMahon when he was the owner after Cesar’s passing. We had long conversations about the voicing of the pedal. He included three different matched sets of transistors with my purchase: 1 silicon, 1 extra output germanium, 1 “rockstar stash” germanium. See below quote for what the rockstar stash means. This comes directly from an email exchange between Peter and I that I would happily forword to interested parties.

“Jared- I did it the SRV way. The transistors that I put in it were from my "rock star stash". They are basically the same values as the ones in Stevie's pedals. They are a magic combo. The extra units will turn the pedal into something completely different. Don't lose the original trannies because they are gems. Enjoy- Peter”

Diaz pedals are getting more and more rare. Here is a chance to not only snatch one up, but one with transistors of the same values as SRV’s per the owner/operator of Diaz. Additionally, you essentially will get three different pedals as if you change transistors you get a totally different fuzz.

SOLD pp’d and shipped CONUS.

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