Did Anyone actually play a New Year's Eve gig?


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Yes. Last night in Australia. We are based in Brisbane, but played a pub in neighbouring town of Toowoomba. (I know, cool name, huh.) We played 5 hours as a special NYE gig - 7:30 PM to 12:30.

We were in the outdoor "beer garden" area where they have a stage. It's summer here. The outdoor tables were all numbered and the pub took bookings for tables as part of the social distancing measures. A few people danced, but essentially social dancing is not supposed to happen with social distancing regulations. However, they were just dancing in twos or threes from the same tables. So there was not mass violation of social distancing policy. It was all mostly seated. I will say it was a smaller crowd than we normally expect on a NYE. But still a fun response from the small group there... buying the band rounds of drinks and shouting out positive stuff.

We were freakin' exhausted. I guess we were a bit out of condition in terms of keeping up our concentration and enthusiasm for a massive 5 set gig.

EDIT: I just want to note that in this state (Queensland, Australia) we have had ZERO cases of community transmission of covid-19 for months now.

I supported masks, distancing, shutdowns, everything... back in March/April, and we played no gigs for 6 months. But because of that effort, we essentially do not have the virus in Queensland (except for a few imported cases from time to time which have been traced and treated). So our current measures are to prevent a possible flare-up if someone brings it in. We are in a totally different situation than the USA. For those who can't or won't play gigs in the USA, I support you.
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Nope. Gigs are slim pickings right now and we're okay with that. Too many close friends who have gotten Covid recently and one friend just lost his father-in-law to it, so we're good with laying low for a bit.
And honestly unless the money is really good, I rarely play NYE gigs. I'd rather just gather with friends and not have to 'work'. :)
One of my collaborations had an offer for an indoor bar gig, but the bass player, the drummer, and myself all balked at the idea of indoor gigs while the pandemic rages in this town. The front man often works as a solo, so he (having had C19 once already!) is running it as a solo tonight. I wish him well, but I'm happy not to be playing in these circumstances.

Marc Roy

No gigs in my area for anybody. We've been on a province-wide lockdown since December 26.

Man, it's so strange not to have Gov't Mule's traditional NYE show at the Beacon tonight. Feels totally off...


My bass player was doing a solo acoustic gig tonight from 630 to 930. Here in NJ restaurants have to close by 10 pm. I haven’t done a nye gig in years. I’d only do a private function for big bucks on nye anyway. I won’t do a bar gig on nye for the usual sh$$$y money.


We booked NYE late last year. The venue is a regular place for us and they planned to have us on NYE until our Governor pulled back on restrictions and closed all bars and restaurants at 10pm. No reason to have a NYE party if you have to shut down at 10...
I played a nye gig last night in Melbourne Australia. I was concerned the whole time as no one was bothering to wear a mask on the dancefloor, no social distancing going on. I was thinking it could be a potential disaster waiting to happen. Not a great mindset to be in while playing.


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Nope. It was the first NYE in a few decades that I was off (if you count two NYE's where I did sound). I turned one down for tomorrow that's supposedly outside, but some people's idea of "outside" is a packed tent in the parking lot. I've learned the hard way that my family does not deal well with the virus so I'm erring on the side of caution.


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We had something booked and we were asked if we would move it to tonight.
Not sure how that makes it ‘better’ but we’ll see ...

My wife was diagnosed positive the first week of November.
We had been together six or seven days 24/7 when she received the positive results.
I tested negative, then tested a second time to verify the first wasn’t a false negative.
After 10 or 11 days, my work required another test due to a new risk of exposure.
That test result was also negative.

My doctor said that I had either already had it, and had the antibodies, or else I’m one of the rare individuals that are immune. He said the chances of me giving or getting it are negligible, so I’m not concerned about that aspect.

We’ll see how it goes ...
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Didn't even bother to look for one this year.

I have been scouting out places to play once this thing eases up, however.


We played last night in a large honky tonk. They have a large stage and green room so I had the left hand third to myself and was masked up and socially distanced in the green room. The joint was pretty full and folks danced and had fun. The county where the honky tonk is located has fewer active cases than the city I live in, so I figured it was a push and I would be extra careful.

I will say, that first tune with folks who have been on the bench as far as gigs was raging, so much pent up energy and frustration. It was like riding a wave. It was a lot of fun and took my mind off my worries.

All the best y’all.

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