Did Fender get a Plek?

Just played a 2008 new strat - the neck/fret work is nice. Anyone know if Fender is Pleking these new guitars? Also - do the American Series saddles fit this bridge plate?


I'm only speculating here, so don't flame me.

I wouldn't be surprised if Fender had a Plek machine. However, with the volume of guitars they build, it would be cost prohibitive for them to use it on anything but CS models.

Just my .02


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plek is overrated anyway. On a new fender with the green wood they use, the neck's going to move anyway so a plek doesn't make much sense to me. Plek would make more sense on an old stable neck or graphite. Do people not realize that wood moves ALL the time?


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Tell us more about Plek machines and great fret work and how wood moves and fret polishing. And what to do with frets that have moderate wear. Thanks.

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To digthosetubes:

The PLEK is pretty well explained here: http://www.plek.com/

I had a 1997 Heritage Sweet 16 PLEKKED by Joe Glaser in Nashville. Since the guitar was a little older and had some fret wear, the results were outstanding. The frets were polished and smooth and the difference was noticeable. It plays better than it ever did, there was enough material on the frets so I didn't have to get them replaced. Yes the wood moves with the seasons, but I've never had to do anything but minor truss rod adjustments to bring it back to perfect. It's 2 years into the PLEK job and I'm getting ready to have it done again. To me that's a very good deal...getting two years out of that setup. This time I will probably have it refretted, but that's just because of normal wear.

To the OP: I'd imagine that with the volume that Fender produces, they might only use it for CS instruments.

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