Did I overpay?


I don't know about it's vintage worth, but it looks like a beauty. And the price is chump change. If it plays well and sounds good, then you got a good deal.


After starting a thread about 2sc 1 hum guitars with floyd rose, i got this as a recommendation. I might have gotten trigger happy but, i dont regret it. Did I overpay?


If you like it and feel it was a valued purchase, then the price shouldn't matter.


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You payed about $200 extra to not have a pointy guitar ... in my book, well worth it!



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Personally, if I was getting a 2 single coil 1 humbucker guitar, I would've gone for this.
I have that Ferrrington book - love it! Just in case you didn't see the blurb on the one in the pic:


The luthier Danny Ferrington made a custom guitar for Kurt in 1992, based on the Fender Mustang.

Kurt is left-handed, and he really likes the Fender Mustang he's been playing for a few years. But his playing style is so rough, and left-handed Mustangs so rare, that it was beginning to look as if his favorite guitar was going to break apart right out from under him. I'd talked with Nick Close, oneof Nirvana's roadies, about trying to find replacement necks for the Mustang, but finally Kurt called me to talk about ordering a new custom guitar.

Nirvana left for Australia a few days later, and Kurt faxed me a great little picture showing where he wanted the pickups to be and what shape to use for the body. It was the first time I'd collaborated by fax, and I thought it was real fun to be designing a guitar by long distance using such a modern communications technology.

I built his guitar to be a lot like that old Mustang, except we used a Gibson-style bridge that's better at keeping the guitar in tune, and I made the neck a little straighter so that it won't be so apt to break when Kurt plays it hard. It's tricky making left-handed guitars, though, because everything on a left-handed guitar is counter-intuitive for me. Right off the bat I made a few mistakes on Kurt's guitar, so finally I took to labeling all the parts 'This Side Up' to remind myself that I needed to do everything backwards.

The guitar turned out real well, and a few months later Kurt came by with his wife to pick it up. Just after he started playing it he stopped dead in his tracks and said, 'This is like my dream guitar!' His wife asked, 'Honey, are you gonna trash this one too?' but Kurt got this horrified look on his face, and in a solemn voice he said, 'No, this one's going to be my recording guitar.' I was tickled to death, and it was incredibly satisfying to hear that I'd hit the nail right on the head. [18]

The Ferrington guitar is distinguished by several features. It has heart-shaped fretboard "dot" inlays, a stylized "f" (for Ferrington) on the peghead, three pickups (which look like single coil neck and middle pickup, and a humbucker bridge-position pickup), and an almost-Mustang pickguard where the plastic continues right down to the control knobs (this section is chrome on actual Mustangs). The Mustang slide switches are replaced with a toggle switch where the input jack would be. The actual input jack is a Stratocaster- style jack mounted below the pickguard.

The body is basswood, with a maple neck and rosewood fretboard. Its finished in what Fender calls sonic blue, with a red-swirl mother-of-bowling-ball pickguard. I don't know of any pictures or footage of Kurt playing this guitar, but this could be because it was used only as a "recording guitar."


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You did fine, the Kramers with Strat headstock have gone up in value over the last few yeaers. Early Pacers can get pricey. The parts are worth what you paid. Nice guitar.


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I'd say its a good deal myself. The neck alone is probably darn near worth that much. You don't see too many Kramers with that headstock shape.


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Cool, i could really find another guitar to compare it to since its an early pacer with the strat headstock. To be honest I did wonder if i was paying more for a non pointy guitar. I am glad though. It is actually a little challenging to find a 2sc and 1 hum with a floyd that isnt stupid looking, metal looking or a 2000 dollar andersen/suhr.

I am nervous considering this is my first Floyd rose equipped guitar. Any advice for a Floyd virgin?

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