Did you ever miss a guitar so much you had to get it back?


I haven't, but I did buy a Les Paul Special from a buddy back in 2010 and I kept that guitar for several years. I ended up trading it with a guy on Craigslist for his American Standard Strat. My buddy ended up wanting his LP back, and we tracked the guy down and traded a tele to get it back. That one was a surprise; I figured it was long gone.


Yes! My main (and only electric) guitar from 1992-2008 I sold in 2010 to a friend. I finally bought it back from him last year. So glad to be reunited. Currently it is not my main though but I am still stoked to have it. 1979 antigua Fender Stratocaster with rosewood finger board and hardtail bridge. Amazing tone!

Sold a 1976 Antigua Strat which I regret to this day. The owner of the mom and pop music store that I sold it to knew I was strapped for cash. He told me he would hold the guitar in the back for six months and if I came back within that time, he would sell it to me for what he gave me.

I never went back…

I remember Antiguas on Hee Haw in the late 70s
I didn't like 'em then . However, now , I think they have aged beautifully


Haven’t gotten it back yet, but I keep my eyes open for one. My first guitar was given to me by a friend of my mom named Johnny Payne. It was a white 80s Hamer Standard just like Lita Fords. I was young and dumb and absolutely shouldn’t have had it. My family moved a lot and during one of the moves it went missing. It was all taken apart at the time because I decided to paint it (like I said, young and dumb). Someday I’ll get another. Some day. Sadly the prices on the few I’ve seen keep going up and up on them.


In 1973 I bought an Ibanez Concord 754 jumbo, inspired by the Gibson Everley Brothers. Great instrument that was probably better than many Norlin era Gibsons. I played it around the London folk club curcuit for a couple of years until some b&stard stole it. I spent years trying to find another one but only about 100 were made so they are as rare as rocking horse droppings. I finally replaced it with a Martin D18, but have regularly kept my eye on various sites ...... just in case.
Finally, after 46 years, I found one in the UK in February and arranged for a friend who lives locally to collect it as I live in France. The guitar had no case so after talking to Gibson Europe about dimensions, I ordered a quality case and had it shipped to me just outside of Paris. When it arrived I suddenly felt like I was 18 years old again and hundreds of happy memories came flooding back. With new strings it's a dream to play and will never leave me
The second trip down memory lane was buying a 2005 Custom Shop NOS in sonic blue to replace the 1962 one that I had to sell in my impoverished student days - my first quality guitar. Well done the Custom Shop, it's a great copy of a classic instrument.
The final event was to replace the 1964 Vox AC30 Top Boost that I sold at the same time as the 1962 strat. I couldn't justify an original so I opted for the Quilter Superblock UK which also has standard AC30 and Marshall JMP voicings. Plugged into a Toob 12S speaker assembly with an AlNiCo Jensen Blackbird 40 (think Celestion Gold) I can get sounds very close to those I had in the early 1970s - with an incredibly small footprint.
Nostalgia is worth chasing ;)
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I had an old 70s MIJ Les Paul custom which was awesome and stupidly sold it to pay some bills at the time, I decided to keep my Gibson because of the brand name. Should have sold the Gibson (and got more for it!) and kept the MIJ. I still sort of know who has it so hoping one day they have a clear out.