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Didja get anything cool for Black Friday?


Still enjoying the Mr.Black Shepard'sEnd SubZero I got from you a couple of months ago. ALSO got a FlangerHoax, lol, $175 from Italy, who could pass that up?, but, yes, there's a volume-drop, so, Shepard'sEnd does win out and stays on the main board.

So many speak of TZF not cutting thru the mix, but the SubZero is verrrry impressive as a REAL WORLD tool! (not just for the bedroom solo)

BF, however, was spectacular as I got a grrreat deal on a certain expensive box by a certain rock star pedal company that NEVER has Sales... hint hint, hush hush, lol

Kurt L

Silver Supporting Member
1) Austin Buddy Live Gold preset pack for my Axe-Fx III, and
2) a 20 foot instrument cable with woven cloth covering and a right-angle silent switch at one end.

I also sold a bunch of pedals and pickups and bought a Fractal FX-8 but that wasn't really a Black Friday thing.


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The. Big. Trees.



Senior Member
where did u get the superego+? Ive been looking for a freeze on sale with no luck

I did my usual thing: find a few new ones on reverb and then start watching them all (star them). Usually one of the bigger sellers will offer a deal after 1 or 2 days. This time someone came back with 15% off. I’m not sure if the 15% was because of Black Friday but I think so.


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I got a BJFE Saffron Yellow OD. A $25 savings. A set of Ernie Ball 9.5s were included, a classy touch and the gauge I use most.

My OD quest should be over…….since Mr Black started the thread I’ll give props to his JDS-50, an outstanding OD.

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