Diezel Herbert vs. VH-4. Which would you choose?


I was at Washington Music Center the other day and had a chance to play both of these amps.

I really loved the clean channel in the Herbert. Probably the best I've ever hear in channel switching amp. The crunch channel is stellar as well. I'd be extremely happy with just these 2. (Does the Einstein do that?) Channel 3 just didn't do much for me. Sounded a bit dull IMO.

In contrast, the VH-4's clean channel was flat and lifeless. Channel 2 was ok, but no where near channel 2 in the Herbert. Channels 3 and 4 were my faves. I can see using these 2 channels exclusively for hard rock and metal. They sound different enough to give you different flavors of grind, IMO.

Not that I'm looking, but I'd like to hear from the people here that use either or both of these amps regularly. Sometime this year I'd like to purchase a Diezel and plan on playing a few more to see if it's what I'm looking for.




I personally like the herbert the best.... hands down, the vh4 is nice but you really need to pump volume on it to get it to where I like it. If it were me going and getting one, that would be my choice. If I can answer any questions for ya let me know! I think the herbert wins in my book if you can't tell. Did you pick it up by chance (physically), it is a heavy murf.


I had the VH-4.. thought the first 3 channels were pretty useful to me. Channel 4 was too noisy for my tastes. Lots of gain though!! Best part of these amps were the way they handled the low end. Very tight.


i want a diezel so bad right now. Im contemplating selling off a bunch of stuff to fund the purchase. I love my TR but i need some more gain!


i have a 2007 herb and i owned a early vh4 and herb and i liked the herberts better than the vh4, i never really found any tones i liked in the vh4 and i agree with josh that it needs some vol too. the herb sounds good at all vol and i think that ch2 in -mode has some nice rock tones with the mid cut off, the cleans are excellent and have lots of headroom, and ch2 in +mode is perfect for metal. i like ch3 for leads and for more brutal tones.

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I've played both several times, but I own the Herbert as it works better for me.

Use the search function as this topic has had many threads discussing the difference between these amps.

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I prefer the Herbert. I don't think the clean the best ever but it's very, very good. The Guytron still holds the best clean in a channel switcher to me. Channel's 2 and 3 of the VH-4 are great, channel 1 is bad and channel 4 is just a version of Ch. 3 with more hiss.

Channels 2 and 3 of the Herbie are extremely cool, I would use 2 for just about everything, leaving 1 for glassy cleans and 3 for melting peoples underwear.


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