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difference between 80s 535q wah & current model?


Here are some of them:

1. Current pedals run on 9v; older ones were 18v
2. Current ones actually are true bypass; older ones were "almost" true bypass
3. Current ones have gain and Q controls on the side of the pedal; older ones had them on the bottom
4. Current ones have Fasel inductor; some older ones might not


The old one is 18 volt and has the variable boost and Q controls on the bottom. The newer one is 9 volt and has the controls, as well as, a red boost button on the side. It's also almost true bypass (signal still passes through resistors), whereas the old one is buffered. They both have the knob on the side for selecting the sweep you like.


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so there isn't anything in terms of "better" sonic qualities to the old one? The new ones having the fusal inductor...


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I think the main diff is that the BOOST function is separate on the new ones.

The older ones will 'auto-switch' when you turn the wah on and off. I never had a use for the boost alone, so I keep my 18v. But, it makes it hard to compare the sounds.
In all, I would say that these will get you a decent modern wah sound, and the tuneability lets you dial it in with your high gain amp better, and not for a more vintage sound necessarily, but just to work with your rig better.


so there isn't anything in terms of "better" sonic qualities to the old one? The new ones having the fusal inductor...
Well, I am not sure if the new one uses a charge pump or something, but if the new one runs on 9v internally that's probably a significant difference. I have an older one from I think 90s or early 2000s that is 18v. Sounds fantastic.


Are there any differences between the older 535q wahs vs the current production?
Dont know when dunlop released the tunable wah, but i think it was in the 90s. I think they started out with 535 which doesnt have tuneable Q. I did quite like that wah. It was 9volt operation and did have buffered bypass of some sort, it didnt pass signal without power atleast and it did **** my fuzztone if placed before Ge-fuzz. The came the 535q which is kinda bland. But i think first were 9volt, then 18v and then back to 9v. or not.

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