Difference in Speaker Cabinets Sound Production

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs' started by gjmarck, Feb 10, 2012.

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    I looking for everyone's opinion on the contribution the speaker cab makes to the tone and sound of your rig. I'm not talking about comparing home made cabs but if you buy a cab from a reputable maker is there a big difference in the sound produced between them?? Again just looking for opinions. Please no names - I'm not looking to malign anyone. Thanks.
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    Sure, there's a difference between slightly bigger or smaller cabs, shallower, deeper, more or less open back, to some extent the materials, but whatever the dimensions of the cab, it's a safe bet that cabs of different dimensions and materials will sound different.

    I have two single 12 cabs from a reputable builder, one deeper than the other.
    I prefer the shallower cab, but I use it pretty loud and clean onstage.
    The deeper cab was too boomy in the same application, it made it difficult to dial the amp in.
    If I got enough treble on the amp to balance the cab EQ for first position chords, the rest of the guitar was too bright.
    The cab was packing up on the low E, I guess.

    That might be just right for a lower volume, higher gain application though.
    So yeah, the cabs will all be a little different, and some will do better in one application or another.
    It's all trial and error, you can't get around that.

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