Differences between the various Koss Pro 4 models


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I posted this on AudioKarma and HeadFi, but so far nobody seems to have a response to the question: I see several generations in the Pro 4 family, the new models and also the older opnes on Ebay. What's the difference between A, AA and AAA?

I may be on the headphone hunt again soon. I like circumaural phones with pivoting cups because they are easy to quickly take off and they stay put when I set them down flat on the cups.

The pair I use at work have held up a while but I recently had to make a repair on the headband and don't know how long it will hold. They are Realistic Pro II, a rebranded Koss Pro-something-or-other.

They were built before 89 so the lifetime warranty does not apply. Because of this they already contain transplanted drivers.

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