Different pedals for different music.


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I am usually a straight up blues player. However, in my past I have played 80's metal and classic rock. I just got a call for Christian rock gig. It should be fun. The first rehearsal I just brought my blues rig. It just didn't sound right. So I went out to my garage and drug out my old Risson LTA (think Marshall Plexi). It still sounded good after all these years. Anyway, I tried using the pedals I use for blues gigs like my Klon clone, and EP Boost. Well in front of the Marshall they just didn't sound right. So I swapped them for a Timmy and a Basic Audio Scarab Fuzz and suddenly I got everything I wanted. I then swapped my old Dan Echo for a Boss Digital echo for longer term echos. Now I have the right sounds.

We all discuss how much we love different pedals but we rarely discuss in which context these pedals shine. The Timmy to me doesn't sound that good in front of my Fender amps at low gain, but sounds amazing in front of the Marshall with more gain. I was planning on selling the Timmy but now I get it and will probably hold onto it.

Just thought I would share.

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