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digi key distributer

jack butler

just bought my pots from a place called digi-key
really great techs and service
believe it or not i was having a hard time hunting down a resource for the 2 watt rv4 pots (small order sell)
guys are great lots of cool stuff!
I buy a few things from Digi-Key.I like their wire but when it comes to resistors,capacitors and other items used for tube amps you'll find Mouser to have a lot more "usable" items for the purpose.
Digi-Key is also geared for industrial sales.


I've had excellent results with digi-key. They're definitely more geared for PCB and SMT style stuff and don't sell much in the way of HV capacitors but have better pricing/selection on metal film resistors than Mouser. Digi-Key is also the only place I've been able to find carbon comp resistors 1 watt or better (though they go for $2/ea!)


Great company. I like being able to phone in an order in the afternoon, and have it show up the next morning.

Digikey is a unique, they are happy to ship $25 order as well as the $25K order. In either case, the order ships the same day if parts are in stock. Most other large electronic distributors are not interested in selling small quantities of parts.