Digital Performer Dilemma...


I've been using DP 4.12 forever on my G5. OSX 10.3.9. Totally stable.

Now my G5 motherboard is fried. I have a buddy who is offering to give me his MacBook w/ OSX 10.4.? Evidently I need DP 4.6 to make it go on that system. That 4.6 upgrade is no longer avail from MOTU - they want me to move up to DP5. And the DP6 release is just around the corner. With me so far???

It's my own damn fault for not doing the free update when it was available. Is there anyone here @ TGP that has a copy of DP4.6 update that can help me out? I'm not really interested in giving MOTU $200 this month and another $200 in the spring...

Many Thanks in Advance.


Have you spoken with anyone at MOTU? I know they don't ever offer back versions for any reason... tried that many years ago, but they are usually VERY good about most updates/revisions.

Try getting a hold of Magic Dave at MOTU. Explain your situation and see if you can't work out a deal involving the two versions. It may not be that long of a wait anyway. I've been hearing March as a potential release Date. I'm holding off somewhat in the same boat as you... except I have 4.6 and it's still working.


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I heard you can probably upgrade to DP6 for just the one upgrade price, I'm on 4.61 and am in the same boat, never felt the need for DP5.

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