DigiTech Bad Monkey discontinued?


Is what I heard in my country.
Why would they do that to such a high rated pedal?
Are they coming out with a new lineup?


I have heard that the entire Hardwire line is being overhauled + many will be re-released in the Obcura/ Polara Enclosures. Also i recall the DOD line will all remain being vintage correct/ analog to make a clear distinction as DOD : ANALOG + DIGITECH DIGITAL. I am not sure whether this means that it will became a DOD branded pedal or just a different more 'hip/current/true bypass/cool artwork enclosure but that is my guess. Please don't quote me but I just finished a position in a company that was a retailer which sold Digitech products + this was the round about information i heard :) I honestly believe that what they have going is awesome + will attract even the more fussy boutique-only guys + girls because the new lines sound awesome! I think now after years of being kind of an overall 'uncool' brand they finally realised that they needed to re-launch their entire lines + incorporate new ideas. Good move for them + more great pedals for us! As i said please don't quote me on all this but it comes from a good source.

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