DigiTech JamMan Stereo "Peak" LED Question

Ugly Bunny

Hey guys - so, I have the JamMan Stereo as the final pedal of my pedalboard (in the loop of my Mark V). The problem is, at rehearsal when I play full volume, the "peak" LED is pretty much pegged constantly. It doesn't seem to really affect my tone at all when it's off - I'm not looping anything yet - but since the pedal is not true bypass and must go through a buffer, am I actually adding digital clipping to my signal or does this light simply indicate that if I were to record, the signal would be clipping?

Like I said, I can't detect any signal change/deficiency because of it, but I don't like to see the LED constantly lit red, especially since the other pedals in my loop are Strymon and Eventide.

I could use someone's advice who knows specifically about this unit (or I/O AD/DA converters). I don't wish to degrade my signal but I'm not sure that I am, even though the LED is lit.

Worst case scenario, I could just lower the amp's loop send volume until it's no longer peaking OR lower the DigiTech's input trim to lessen the input volume.

My priority is Tone > Unity Gain.

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