Digitech Timebender

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  1. map

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    Dec 6, 2008
    Somehow this one flew under my radar. Based on the demos on youtube, this thing sounds fantastic and is very versatile. Every review I've read online gave it great praise. Why do you think this didn't do well in the market while others such as the Boss DD-20 did?
  2. ak301

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    Jan 9, 2009
    England, GB
    I just got one, its superb

    I used to have a dd20 and the timebender does all of the things I had the dd20 doing but the Timebender has so many more tools in its toolbox

    Really impressed with how capable this pedal is
  3. ManFromMars

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    Apr 24, 2007
    Myrtle Beach, SC
    It had a few things going against it:
    1. Digitech's reputation at the time
    2. Similar look to the X-series which were not well received
    3. Came out in the midst of DD20/DL4/TimeFactor as well as a ton of boutique delays (2009-10)
    4. Too complicated?
    5. Not marketed well

    I had one for a little while. Here are my thoughts:
    • Very good sound, but I didn't hear a lot of tonal difference between the models.
    • Could never dial in just the right amount of dry/delay mix.
    • Decent modulation at low speeds, faster modulation was too digital.
    • HUGE variety of octaves and harmonies. The highlight of the unit. You basically add a pitch (or two) to the repeats. Lots of cool sounds. Great for shimmers and swells.
    • Looper is very lo-fi, with an audible degradation as you layer. I loved the sound, but it's not for those looking for crystal clear loops.
    • PM/seconds toggle. Not a huge deal but helpful.
    • Multipliers and patterns give a lot of flexibility over the delayed rhythm.
    • Envelope mode is cool. When using octaves/harmonies it gives kind of a slicer-esque effect.

    Overall a decent unit. I found mine for $130 and was pleased. I do not think it's worth the $200+ that I've seen them go for. You can find better units at that price level.
  4. lux_interior

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    Aug 5, 2008
    Somewhere between heaven and hell
    At Google: site:thegearpage.net digitech timebender

    They are now discontinued and you can find one brand new for a good price on stores that have sales on old stock they want to remove. There was one such shop near me and I considered going there and buying it... but I was too slow. I agree with all the "against" above, although I wouldn't really say it came out in the midst of DD20 and DL4, since the DD20 came out in 2003, the DL4 in 2000 and the Timebender in 2009. Sure, it had to compete against them plus the usual boutique craze, but then again so does every piece of FX gear, especially in today's world of a million delays and overdrives.
  5. sahhas

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    Nov 8, 2007
    middle usa somewhere
    had one for awhile back when they were still "new".
    i think the problem was as stated above.
    it came out when there were so many other options.
    and it was a bit more complicated than the others.

    i think the DL4 was still the rave for many...and others loved the dd20.

    it's success/popularity was probably just "put out at the wrong time"...
  6. ERGExplorer

    ERGExplorer Member

    Jul 11, 2010
    The reason I picked one up was the ability to strum in the repeat pattern you wanted. If you wanted the delays to come in at half a beat, but to be spaced at whole beats, you could do that, like the rhythm of the guitar part on Pink Floyd's "Pigs."

    I was trying to replicate some patches from my Kawai K5000 additive synth, and found that splitting my signal and incorporating the Timebender into one of the effect chains let me get really amazing "synth" patches on guitar.
  7. yldouright

    yldouright Member

    Mar 19, 2014
    Has anyone been able to get a decent spring reverb sound out of the Timebender? If so, what settings did you use? I'm tempted to start a separate thread just for Timebender sound explorations, any interest?

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