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Digitech Trio vs. Trio Plus


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As I've been shopping around for Xmas gifts, etc I've noticed that there are quite a few used Digitech Trios for sale for pretty cheap at some used music stores and on CL.

Do you think people are upgrading to the Plus version or is this entire pedal line just kind of gimmicky and something that you get bored of fairly quickly?

I was considering getting one of these for practice purposes but I'm thinking a plain ol' loop pedal would be more versatile down the road for live use, etc.

Is the original Trio worth getting or is the Plus so much better?


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Don't bother with the original. You'll eventually regret it and want the plus. Its a much better device.

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I use my Trio+ everyday for hours. I will say, though, that I more often than not just use the bass and drums. I like the ability to have a looper and store loops/songs, but I rarely use it. It's nice not having to have a separate looper (though I do have a Jamman Stereo if I need it).

If you can swing it, I'd get the plus, but if you can get a slammin' deal on the standard, you'll still be very satisfied. Again - it all depends on how much you like to create your own loops.

EDIT: I just realized the Trio doesn't have the "fx loop" funcitonality. That'd be a dealbreaker for me. Here's what I do:

Except instead of the Pod, that's my entire setup: preamp pedals, amp, & FX loop pedals. The mixer out goes to my audio interface where I get crystal clear bass & drums, and the "amp out" goes to my FX return on my amp. This way, I can record everything from plain ol' dry guitar to dripping, saturated solos. It's pretty ingenious. I'm sure @DigiTechRep is getting tired of seeing me say this, but the ONLY thing that would make this pedal better is if it had a stereo FX loop instead of mono. But for now it's okay since I use a single amp. Before I used my Kemper that had a stereo FX return and my setup looked something like this:

Pretty crazy, right?

Also, for what it's worth, I like having all the options for my bass & drums. Once I find the one that I like, i don't mess with it too much, but it's nice being able to dial it in just right (rhythm, style, feel, & complexity). I'm not sure how much you can do with just the standard Trio.
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