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Dimarzio D Sonic VS Seymour JB VS Gibson 500T......which one best for me?

Kris robert

Now I looking for the best Pickup for my music style.
I play a lot of Modern Rock and Metal (Fireflight / Lostprophets / Funeral for a friend / Nickelblack ) and a little bit of Dream theater

I want a High output Great for Distortion sound and good bright like JB for Clean sound

for replace my stock Epiphone Lespaul Custom Bridge Pickup

Now My choice are:

- Dimarzio D Sonic
- Gibson 500T
- Seymour Duncan JB (I have used once in my old PRS custom 24 copy guitar)

JB is great but If it is another greater than JB I want to try it

Please help me find out


Senior Member
The D-sonic is going to be great for DT bridge sounds & it splits very well with either coil. Rotating the pickup 180° completely changes the sound.

If you want to go the JB route but want something that does cleans a little better, consider a Rio Grande BBQ.

My favorite go-to bridge HB is Dimarzio's EVO-II. It crunches great, leads just sing, & it does a great clean when split (especially when run simultaneously with another single coil).

Hope that helps.


Senior Member
If you like a JB type tone, but want more clarity and headroom try the Dave Mustaine Active Set of pickups from Duncam. I LOVE the Blackouts from Duncan as well for heavy stuff. Much less compressed than EMG's and more open sounding like a Passive but with more bite and headroom. They have become my main pickups for heavy tones.


a little off-topic but,

i sold my JB after trying (on same guitar) the Dimarzio BREED. Sounds great on clean too.


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