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DiMarzio 'glossy' bobbins


DiMarzio offers, as an option on 'six screw, six slug' pickups, 'glossy' - allegedly butyrate - bobbins. They also offer nickel-silver long-leg baseplates.

I've never seen these in person, but every example I can find online has both or neither; that is, I can't find glossy bobbins and brass base, or nickel base and 'regular' bobbins.

I wonder if they're sourcing the same butyrate bobbins as everyone else. That also might explain why they don't offer an F-spaced glossy option.

But that implies that the glossy pickups have a slightly different pole spacing, since DiMarzio's 'standard' spacing is a little narrower than Gibson/Duncan/etc....which would explain why I only see the baseplate/bobbins in combination.

Does anyone own glossy AND regular DiMarzios? If so, could you measure the respective pole spacings and let me know if they're different?

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Vintage glossy bobbins, single-conductor cable, and long-legged nickel silver baseplates are all a la carte options. You can order any combination.