Dimarzio Super Distortion S vs. Lace Sensor Red

I'm not quite getting the kick out of my 2555x Jubilee, and I know it has AFD amounts of gain. But I really don't want to go full sized humbuckers. I have a Lace Sensor Red in the bridge and want to know if there's a higher gain alternative, I've been thinking if the Dimarzio Super Distortion S. Thoughts?


I replaced a full sized Norton in a SSH strat with a red/silver (on a 3 way switch). The Norton had more low end and way more output (and I wanted a pickup that was more balanced volume-wise in my guitar) than the red by itself, but both do a nice upper mid crunch for AFD.

Depending on the other pickups in your guitar, an Air Norton S might work, but if I wanted a little more output and low end, then I think I would be looking at a Super Distortion S as well (but I haven't tried either of these exact pickups).

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