Dirt Recommendations for Blackbird/CAB combo

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    Mar 12, 2011
    Looking for some good advice here on overdrives for my pedalboard.

    A bit of background - my current rig is a Digitech GSP1101 with the Control 2 pedalboard, running an Effectrode Blackbird tube preamp and a Torpedo CAB for power amp and cab simulation. The Blackbird is in the preamp loop, and the CAB is at the end of the signal chain (so I guess a 4 cable method) - it sounds pretty darn good. I am using the drives and effects in the GSP1101, and the MIDI capability to switch presets on the CAB and channels on the Blackbird. I play direct to FOH and/or through a FRFR speaker.

    I am a church player, spending most of my time in clean and crunchy territory, with the occasional distorted and lead sound. I also play in a band that does modern Praise and Worship tunes with an 80's rock feel, and also classic rock (Bryan Adams, U2, the Cars, INXS, etc.) - I know, that sounds like a really strange combination for a set but it totally works.

    So here is what I am thinking.......Out of interest sake, I pulled the Blackbird and CAB out of the rack, hooked them together and played around with that - and it sounded fantastic. Not a gigantic leap, but noticeable.

    So here is what I am considering........What if I simplify my setup down to a pedalboard format based around the Blackbird and CAB? I would like to experiment with this using my current rig prior to going all out on a change - my thought is to try using dirt pedals ahead of the Blackbird. Currently I have a BYOC Mouse (Rat type) pedal, and a BYOC Overdrive 2 (Tubescreamer type) pedal - but I am not married to either if they don't work, although the Mouse is pretty stellar. I will continue to use the GSP1101 for control and delay, etc. for the moment.

    My question to you is what combination of dirt pedals has worked successfully for you and which would you recommend for my situation?

    I am thinking something like this:

    Guitar --> Compressor --> Clean Boost --> Dirt 1 --> Dirt 2 --> Blackbird --> GSP1101 --> Torpedo CAB

    Let's have your recommendations on the Compressor, Boost, Dirt 1 and Dirt 2.

    Thanks for your comments - I know this is all very subjective, but my hope is that I can at least get into the ballpark and do some research before I start spending money.


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