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I know all of us here have some great guitars and I thank all the builders for making truly incredible guitars but when you are all alone at night there must be a junky beat up guitar that you truly love and paid next to nothing for that you love to play as much as your $3000 master peice. Mine is a 1977 Ibanez les paul standard copy gold top thats beat and looks like hell but I love it and would never trade it worn frerts and all because it just still plays and sounds great. Whats yours?.



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Mine is a partscaster, that started with the alder body I bought from a guy who made them in his garage a block away from the corner of Haight & Ashbury in San Francisco. I paid $21.00 for the body in 1987.
I certainly regret not buying the other 2-3 bodies he had. He had given up on making bodies when the music store he was supplying them to decided to start buying their Strat bodies from Japan (probably ESP), and not from him anymore.

The neck is some Fender neck I bought at a music store that had the country of manufacture sanded off, and even turned out to be a twisted neck after I strung it up, but Strat type necks can come and go, as long as the body is good.

And then on top of that, I always reshape the fret-boards and re-fret my guitars better than any factory fret-job I've played on.

Jon Silberman

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Sheesh, I click on your thread expecting something truly dirty and all I read is an obvious confirmation of the well-worn principle that "a good guitar is a good guitar." :mad:


Seriously, there are more of us in your boat than you may know. :)

Scott Peterson

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My 1982 Guild S-25. You can see it in my "My Gear" link below; owned since it was new, it was my first "real" guitar and I *still* dig it though it is in deep need of being restored. I love it for what it is, and I played the hell out of it along the way.


While not a guitar that I am ashamed to be seen with, My Tokai "Breezy Sound" strat replica is as good as any real Strat(Grosh, Suhr and Melancon too) I have ever owned.


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My Roland G-505. Cost me about $200 10 years ago. I put
on Gotoh locking tuners and swapped all the stock pups out
with stacked hums and it sounds and plays great. Was my
main gigging axe for awhile. Still one of my main go-to guitars
for just sitting down and grabbing something quick, and I never
worry about it getting dinged or fingerprinted by the kids!



1985 MIJ 62 re-issue. Olympic white. Paid $350 off H-C a year ago with a tweed hsc. I woulndn't sell it for 10X that much.


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'90 Am Std Strat with an '97 neck - getting the 2nd-hand neck was cheaper than getting the old one refretted, plus I needed a neck to practice fretwork on anyway.

It's had more pickups than a drunk chick in a redneck bar, but no matter what I put in that swimming pool cavity, it sounds great.



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its a '93 mim strat completely stock (Except the "Bulldog" sticker from Amsterdam), I wasnt even looking for a guitar. The store didnt even carry New Fenders. I picked it up, strummed it a couple times, and when I was told it was $200. I jumped on it.
I hava an OLD Schechter strat, and I have an Anderson, but the
Mex Strat sounds like a strat should. Meaning that trademark


esoteric pete

mines an early 90's MIJ strat 50's RI in candy apple red. the orig. maple V-neck ended up having some problems, so i found a 60's RI neck from the same year, refretted it with jumbos, and by that time i learned that i like rosewood better anyway, so it worked out. put some texas specials in it that i bought off a buddy for 50 bucks. better than the stock p/us' and they were cheap! i also put on a whole callaham bridge....the whole guitar is a bit beat up, and kinda heavy...but it looks cool! it just feels like "home"
2005 Burns Cobra which cost me $225.00. I'd put this up
against any guitar out there. The neck and action are as
good as it can get, actually this guitar would allow for the
lowest action I've seen on a guitar, but I prefer a bit of a fight
so I keep it raised a bit. The 3 Trisonic pickups with the extra
pull pot on the tone control for adding the neck pickup, gives
you an amazing amount of tone possibilities. This is the best
bang for the buck I've ever come across. A great playing and
sounding guitar that will hold its own against anything out there.

I'm very proud of this dirty secret.


I have an old Casio MG510 MIDI guitar - basically a strat clone with built-in pitch-to-midi converter. Recently pulled it out to see if the midi still works, only to find out that my rack-synth-module does not work. Bummer. :(

Needed strings and a few adjustments. But after that, I was pleasantly surprised to find this is MUCH better guitar than I remembered.

Of course, in comparison to my Lentz S, the Casio is just a toy. But still...



Yeah. My GIM PRS Copy. Cost about US$530 and gets the nod for the humbucker slot every time I play out.


Light, ergonomic, great neck great pickups and stays in tnue. What more do you need?

In my case, 30-some other guitars, "just because". But who's counting?

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