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Disaster Area designs Dmc8ez


As you can see I don't post often but seems like people are quick to point out the bad service from small companies so I wanted share my awesome experience with disaster area designs. Also side note I dealt with Paul Cochrane years ago and he was awesome as well( still have my awesome Tim).

So I received my dmc8ez on sat and didn't have a chance to mess with it until Tuesday. Awesomely built pedal and small form factor- Just as it says on the website the jack spacing is tight so I have amphenol right angles flipped upsidedown on the send side to squeeze it on my board. The pedal feels very sturdy and the soft switches are nice. Once you get hang of what switches to hold down to save patches etc it becomes very intuitive. I would say if anything I just wish the yellow led was a little more yellow it looks kinda similar to the green led. Love how there is a separate tuner send that's always active and the volume insert in the middle of loops 4-5 so you can add more pedals or whatever your heart desires. So for me this pedal is amazing for its ease of use, small form factor, looks and price(was looking at the gigrig 2 but I think I rather saved money for another guitar)

Now onto the customer service when I was able to use the pedal on tue I found it was having some issues so I emailed Matthew Farrow at 4-5 pm california time ( he is on the east coast). Less than an hour later I received an email from him asking about the issue etc and was suprised assuming that he was closed for business till the morning. I expressed how I needed the pedal to work by this weekend and he promptly asked if shipping a new pedal and getting it Friday would be okay. By noon the next day I received shipping info and received a pedal that works perfectly on Friday. He sent a return package to send the old one back. Usually I've seen companies make you ship a product back first prior to receiving a new one. Matthew Farrow has definitely made a repeat customer out of me and I will return for my looper needs to disaster area designs. So nice going to soft switches and ability to change numerous loops at once compared to my older normal bypass looper and becoming lord of the pedal dance.
Not affiliated with this company just blown away by the customer service! thx again disaster area !!! -Shane

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