Discovering the Keeley Katana


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I’m very late to this party. I’ve got dozens of overdrive pedals, including a V2 Fulltone Fat Boost. Many of the overdrives work very well as clean boosts when dialed right. I wasn’t looking for a clean boost, though I had been on the fence about picking up a Keeley Katana for a long time.


I wound up on Keeley’s website and happened upon this and limited edition and bit the bullet. Just got it today and spent an hour with this between my PRS McCarty 594 and Tone King Falcon Grande.

What an amazing pedal! Brilliant! This pedal puts a beautiful sheen on the top end and firms up the low end like nothing else. This pedal gives me one of the best clean tones I’ve ever managed to get in decades of playing. Highly recommended.

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