dist/od/fuzz boxes w/ digital modelers?


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just curious what distortion/od/fuzz boxes people use here in conjunction w/ their digital modelers? (& before or after modeler?)

i used to use my digitech rp100 & then a zoom 9150 (tube preamp)
and i liked the sound, but then wanted to get away from my 4 space rack unit (seemed too huge on my table!)

now i have a zoom g2-digitech rp150 & then after it i've been using either:
DAED disturbo DS1 (modded ds1) or source audio multi-wave distortion or a boss hyper fuzz....

and i know i heard a clip of David Torn using a PTD mini-bone w/ his 11rack that sounded most good...
just curious what others use.....(cuz i'm thinking i want to get a different distorto box for the future....)


I have a Barber LTD and a DS-1 both sitting before the input to my X3Live. I actually prefer the outboard overdrives to the internally modeled ones. I run out into an RC-20XL looper before heading to either console or amp.

Works great for me. That way, I am using the POD as just a set of amps.
Used drives a lot with the X3Live before I sold it, it took the drives really well.

My Faves were:-
Big Muff with ToneWicker
Maxon OD-9 (modded to TS808 specs) - LOVE this pedal!

Tried others but they were not to my taste.
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