Distortion recommendation for a Suhr Bella


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I'm looking for an OD or Distortion to pair with my Bella. I'm really digging Ian Thornely and the tones he's getting from the Suhr Hedgehog. Sounds like an angry Dumble to me maybe with a little Marshall grind mixed in. I'm considering the Suhr Riot but am concerned about it being too hot rod Marshall. I've owned the Jetter GS124 and remember liking it over any other Dumble voiced pedal. Since the Bella won't generate much grind on it's on, I want to make sure the pedal has enough gain on tap. Are there any other mid to high gain D type pedals out there that are worth checking out?


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I have heard Scott Henderson on the Guitar Wank podcast describe the Bella as a better, more balanced HRD-style amp. (Does that sound right to you?) So go for any style drive you want -- and worry just a little less about having a bass eq on the pedal vs what you would normally with an HRD.

I recommend trying The Dude.

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