Disturbing "Undercover Boss" Episode


I was really disturbed after watching an episode of "Undercover Boss".....where the boss of a company dons makeup and other clothing and goes to work as an average employee to see how his or her company is actually doing and how their employees feel about the company. They also see if there are problems great or small and how they can fix them.

Tonights episode was about Peavey Electronics in Meridian, Mississippi.
It really made me sad how the employees told of layoffs, things going to China...etc.

And the the COO of peavey (With hartley Peavey the owner listening in on a hidden mic the dressed up COO was wearing) was listening to these people and Peavey did really help them at the end of the show....and I thought....well that is great! Not so fast.....four months after the filming of the episode they said that Peavey electronics shut down the part of the plant the COO was given a job in....he did board assembly in one part , and cabnet assembly in another. Yet Peavey decided to shut down this plant because they said they wanted to focus on "other things" I guess that sold better.

I understand economics and if a company is not making enough money in one area, they usually shut it down and jobs are lost....still....it is not easy when you see these people on a TV show and they are just ordinary people just trying to get by....pay bills etc. and now some are going to be out of work because Peavey decided to shut down the plant and move the jobs overseas! One guy that was there HAD a job waiting for him and had turned in his notice THAT DAY and Hartley said...he wanted to keep him.....he was also one of the ones that was laid off when that part of the plant closed...and this guy had another job, but because he stayed with the company after they asked him to....he is now going to be out of work! I do not think that is very fair. (Yes I know, life is not fair....but this guy gave up a job that paid better....had longer hours and benifits.....but aftter he turned it down....four months later he is out of work!)

I know that a lot of jobs that used to be in the USA have moved overseas....but it just seems to me there should be a way to turn this thing around!


I caught it too.. Economics aside Mr Peavey didnt come off given me with the warm fuzzies at all


That sucks. As consumers, and especially us guitar players, we want our cake and we want to eat it too. We want our stuff made in America. We also want our stuff at rock bottom prices. It's just not feasible for a company to pay what is considered a liveable wage in the U.S. and sell things as cheap as the consumer wants them it seems.


Yeah I watch that episode sadly Mr Peavey wasn't like at all. How things have change.

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