Ditch my Epiphone ES335 for Ibanez AS93?


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Ibanez quality speaks for itself. None of my Ibanez guitars have been a disappointment. Whether you can get it to sing is up to you. That's your job.

gillman royce

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I own an Eastman T-486, swapped out the Duncans for Manlius A3 '59 LT's and couldn't be happier. Beats Gibsons at 3x+ the price. I have an Epi ES 335 Pro with Manlius A4 Fat Diane's, split coils, Jimmy Page wiring harness that covers a lot of territory. I owned an Ibanez ST300NT at one point and they make fine instruments but when it comes their 335 I couldn't get past have the toggle switch up on the left horn.


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Honestly, they felt exactly the same to me, or at least close enough that I never noticed a difference. Both are that same medium-thin profile that every budget guitar has. It's that type of profile that tries to appeal to as many people as possible.

I just compared my AS93 to a 2020 Epi 335 that I repaired a neck crack on, then subsequently sold. To be honest, I could have happily kept either. Once set up, they both felt and played almost identical. I thought both sounded similar also, but the Ibanez pickups were a little more to my preference, especially the neck, which is pretty low output (7k), which makes it nice and bright.

In terms of overall quality, I think both were very good.



This is good information!

I am returning the es335 today probably. Ibanez should be here tomorrow but main reason is I also got a Gretsch. The Gretsch is a lot different but it is a different sound I really like and I didn’t buy it as a replacement.

Only bummer part about ES335 is it was the only one out of maybe 10 I was able to try out (Guitar Center is currently stacked to the gills with them.) that did have terrible fret ends.

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