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Ditto X4 MIDI CC control


Anyone here know about controlling the Ditto X4 with MIDI CC messages? I was looking into a looper that allows this. My Timeline does this, but it is limited as a looper. I had looked at the Ditto options and thought the X4 only did MIDI sync, then I saw a message in a forum with a list of MIDI commands for the X4. Apparently this was promised in a release video, but not available when released, which had some buyers angry. Seems to have been provided later in an uodate.

I would like some feedback from anyone who has used this as to how well it works. I have the Boomerang and Sidecar, which is a great looper, but am already frustrated that I keep finding ways to use the Timeline as often as the Boomerang. Being able to trigger a loop by CC messages when I change a Preset on my Mastermind loop switcher is incredibly useful live. I may consider buying the X4 and putting it on my board where the Sidecar goes. If I use it more than the Boomerang, I might sell the Boomerang.

I have written the new company that sells Boomerang since buying out Mike Nelson. They sent me one reply just stating they only offer MIDI sync, but follow up inquiries as to whether MIDI might be a future upgrade or possible as a custom upgrade have not been answered...a frustrating thing after spending so much money on their products. It seems the reasoning for no MIDI control is to keep up sales for the Sidecar. Not a forward thinking plan.


Here is the post I saw, detailing their MIDI control options. It is pretty extensive. May be buying one. Would love to hear some experience first.

Regarding Mid specs, these are the supported controllers:

Responds to MIDI Channel 4 (hardcoded – can’t be changed)

CC3 Looper 1 Rec/Dub/Start
CC9 Looper 1 Stop
CC14 Looper 1 Clear
CC15 Looper 1 Level
CC20 Looper 1 Hold to Store
CC21 Looper 1 Clear Backtrack
CC22 Looper 2 Rec/Dub/Start
CC23 Looper 2 Stop
CC24 Looper 2 Clear
CC25 Looper 2 Level
CC26 Looper 2 Hold to Store
CC27 Looper 2 Clear Backtrack
CC28 Decay “Level”
CC29 All Loops Stop
CC30 All Loops Clear
CC31 FX On/Off
CC85 Parallel/Serial Toggle

the FX respond to Prg change message 1 to 7

Midi CC commands/ Prg change messages are programmed into a midi track / clip in your DAW or sequencer (Midi channel 4!)

----> you can get in touch with our support team, if you need further assistance.

http://forum.tcelectronic.com/topic/108 … c-support/

If you want to automate record/ playback via Midi , i'd recommend to use "queded" mode (see manual for more infos)


I have an x4 but did not know about the new MIDI features until now. I am going to look into this and try to get the beta firmware installed. Will let you know if I am able to get it working.

Has anyone else out there been able to get it working ?

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I had my cell phone controlling mine via a bluetooth MIDI thing, but I never worked out all of the quirks. What I really want is foot control over reverse, half-speed, and double-speed. I tend to use all three, so I spend a lot of time with my hands twisting that knob.


What cc value did you send to make this work? Trying to control mine with the OneControl Basilisk but no success yet. Sending cc3 to ch4 at 0, 64 and 127 but it doesn't seem to work ‍♂
Sorry I don’t have either of these pedals anymore (x4 or MC6)

But make sure you are on the latest firmware. Also trying sending 126 to start and 123 to stop. Based on this thread: https://www.elektronauts.com/t/noob-midi-cc-question-regarding-ditto-x4-solved/89599/16

Otherwise, I think I just started trying random values :dunno


Just came across this thread looking for MIDI solutions to DITTO X4. Very helpful, thank you all. Shocked that TC Electronic has not included the CC table with the pedal manual. (May be not too surprising, this company is very unreliable.)

My question is whether someone has found MIDI CC# messages to change the behavior of the functions controlled by the 4 switches at the back of the pedal. For me, doing this by MIDI, specially switch #2, would be a great solution.

Or are these hardwired and not MIDI controllable? I guess not, but I thought I would try and ask anyhow.

Thanks in advance for any reply!


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reviving this thread a bit... research makes it seem like midi control is unreliable or quirky... but then I realized thats from a thread with people using the computer and doing some pretty involved stuff.. I just want to use my RJM Mastermind to re-create the layout of the ditto so I can have my ditto out of the way and just have it available via my RJM at my feet. Anybody doing this?

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