Sold Divided by 13 BTR23 Head $1450 Shipped


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Hello there,

Up for sale is my 2014 BTR23 with a matching Rock Block cab. Love this rig, but I am wanting a bit more chime and am just going with combos from now on. This thing mics up super easy, and sounds huge. I really like the cab more than the open back with it.

Ive had it out of the house a couple times, but otherwise its in my non smoking house. Its in excellent condition. No nicks or any edges coming unglued.

Only a few hours on the stock tubes. Color is Black / Creme and looks great. The cab is much lighter than I would have expected, but definitely sounds great. Comes with the Creamback standard in these.

I have the original covers that come with this, and will shipped packed to withstand a hurricane.

Head: $1450
Rock Block Cab: SOLD

Looking to sell only now.

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