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I know this has been praised by many, but I'm curious if any of you are using it for applications other than bluesy stuff. I play mostly indie type stuff and create alot of layering via delays, and loops, and whatnot. I also do some pop rock stuff.

I've never had a 1x12 combo and I'm curious how it will hang in those environments.

For reference, my main amp right now is an RSA 31.
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The Kid

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Awesome amp. Very versatile and takes pedals well.
I am selling my combo to buy it in a head / cab configuration to split the weight up though.


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Indie rock, alt country, folk pop player here. I owned a beautiful EDT 13/29 head and 1x12 cab a few years ago. I sold it to fellow TGPer Sniper-V, whom I believe still has it (and that dude moves through gear, so that says a lot!).

I thought it worked really well for the music I was playing, especially the alt country and folk rock stuff. It had the chime of a nice BF Pro Reverb but with a fatter midrange (not too fat, just not scooped). Signature D13 bass response, huge and tight. Best reverb in any of his models IMO.

I mainly used a Diamond ML for delay and got some really great washy analog tones for some of the ambient arrangements I was playing. That combined with the reverb was fantastic.

During that time period I was playing a tele and either a '62 SG/LP reissue or '67 SG reissue with p90s. The amp ripped with the HB-equipped SG, and sung beautifully with the tele and p90 SG.

Plenty of volume on tap, and usually more than I ever needed, which was one of the reasons I sold it. Like pretty much all of Fred's amps, they're meant to be opened up, and their cranked sound backs that up. The EDT did sound excellent with pedals though, although I don't use a ton of drive pedals. I was mainly running a Timmy for any sort of boost or light drive, and a Sunlion for fuzz/treble boost.

If you're into Wilco and other indie rock bands of similar ilk, that amp would work really well IME.

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