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FS Divided By 13 Highball (Early Version)

Vegas Bob

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We're downsizing our home and I'm going all acoustic so look for pedals, guitars, amps and cabinets. Those who know me know it's all top flight gear. Used only in my smoke free studio. No Velcro. Pristine condition.

The Divided By 13 Highball pedal I'm selling is an early version which IMO was built with better components than later versions by friends bought after hearing this one.
It is extremely amp like and gives you perfect control over the gain and break up. Only used in my smoke free studio it's in excellent condition. No Velcro!

A True Stimulus Package? With a 5 position switch the Highball is a pedal that goes through the range of what Divided by 13 defines as:

Distortion: a circuit that "shapes" or "distorts the signal with a varying levels of boost
Overdrive: a circuit which hits the front end of the source harder, and with variable levels of "dirt", into distortion
With a small footprint and controls for Level, Gain, Range and High Cut, it's a real bang for the buck.

Price: $135.00

Highball Top.jpg

Highball knob side.jpg


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