DIY trem plate advise needed


Hi guys!

I have an old Jackson with a missing tremolo cavity plate. The shape/dimensions are very close to the standard Strat shape, but the screw holes are not in the same place. There are some people who can make a new plate, but it seems quite pricey.

That's why I decided to try the DIY route and am looking for some advise as of how hard this may be. I have a couple of questions:

* what type of plastic can be used (also, what thickness)
* what is the easiest way to cut it
* how to mark and drill the screw holes in

Your input will be appreciated.



You can buy a pickguard blank and cut it out of that. Warmoth sells them, Amazon probably too.

Getting a good cut is another matter. I'd say use a band saw, and sandwich it between two pieces of scrap wood -- otherwise it'll bounce around like crazy, get messed up, or, worse, mess you up. The edges will be square, not rounded, so you'll need to sand them probably.

If you don't have the proper tools, see if someone can sell you just the plate with no screw holes. You might be able to find that easier and for not anything more than the cost of the blank.

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