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Do a Bogner Shiva and Soldano SLO Compare?


I was at Make'N'Music the other day and plugged into a Shiva that I thought was a pretty cool amp. There was something in the voicing that didn't quite jive with me, but I had the volume extremely low as to not bother my ears, plus I wasn't buying that day, so I didn't want to crank it. Nonetheless it was a cool amp. After seeing Warren Haynes play, an SLO is something I'd like to have, too. I've never played an SLO though.

Do the two amps compare? Would I be missing something getting the SLO over the Shiva or vice-versa? I play a lot of blusey stuff like the Mule, but like get heavier sometimes, too. Any comments about either about, for or against, would help. Thanks.

Wizard of Ozz

Gold Supporting Member
Hmmmm... the biggest difference in the voicing would be: the Shiva is much darker, while the SLO is much brighter sounding. The Shiva has a lot of the darker low mids in the tone, while the SLO is all about a bright, sharp, cutting upper mid and treble tone.

The better clean goes to the Shiva, the better lead goes to the SLO... IMHO of course. The SLO has more gain on tap, and will get heaveir and more modern sounding of the two. The SLO will also do "bluesy" as well (Clapton & Knopfler used SLOs). The thing with Bogners is you have to dig that darker, low mid voicing... otherwise you'll just keep trying to dial it out... w/o much luck.


Gold Supporting Member
I have owned both, and my experience was the same as Wizard's. The Shiva clean was great while the OD channel was good but not quite what I wanted. The SLO OD channel was geat while the cleans were good but not in the same league as the Shiva cleans. Hope this helps.


I too have considered both.
FWIW, I would think that for pure chunk and balls lead you could drop a tube pre pedal, or any number of Fuzz Germanium of transistor-based pedals (Catalinbread Super comes ot mind) and you could run the Shiva in Clean or dirt with good results. I agree that Bogners are voiced in the mid-low spectrum; my Classic is absolutely stellar, but definitely "darker"; I suspect that EQ or other effects would cure that problem, as well (i just switch amps). The SLO @ 100w is a face-melter for sure. Hands down one of the best high-gain heads (along with Ecstacy 101b, imo); the issue you'll run into is that to really hit that sweet spot you'll need to put it about 7-8/11 for saturation. Might as well go buy your fans some plugs - that's not "anything" level other than huge club. Attenuation is an option, but I'm not a fan of it, tbh. The trend seems to be to go for rock-solid combos with lush sounds; Shiva delivers, but you won'ty get the same Gain structures. There's a number of ways to solve that problem, though. For my $$ I'd go for Shiva - SLO is wonderful, and overkill for most scenarios.
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What Wizard said. I've owned both and it's an apples to oranges comparison.
The Bogner has that low mid prominence that makes it dark and smooth, the SLO is all upper mids bite and attack. Both great amps FWIW... just depends on what suits you better and what kind of tones you hear in your head.

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