Do "big box" chorus pedals sound better than the small ones?


This is not a totally serious question. Years ago, I splurged on a Fulltone Choralflange. I don't use the flange but the chorus still sounds good to me. I'm not a heavy user of this particular effect when playing out, however when I get off work, I like to plug in to chorus+delay+ reverb+POD 2.0 or a Princeton Reverb, strum chords and noodle in a semi-dreamlike state to de-compress from work-related stress.
The smaller ones sound kind of gurgly...I dunno, there might be a good one out there. The Red Witch Medusa, Tortuga Martini, EHX Poly-chorus, even the older big yellow MXRs have a sweet, bell-like chewiness that appeals to me. Is a more complex circuit thus bigger housing part of the reason?