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Do I need an ST-300 Turbo Tuner?


Of course I do!

But which one, the normal-sized one or the mini-sized one?

I'm gravitating towards the mini - how comparable are the screen sizes? Which one did you get yourself?


I have had the standard-sized one for many years. And I really like it.
But if I would buy another one I would buy the mini-sized one. Since it takes up less space on my pedal board.


Gold Supporting Member
I have both, and had the ST200 before. The mini is screen is easy to read, and much better in bright lights compared to the old 200. It's fast as heck too. The mini is power supply only, so I bought the full size one so I would have a battery powered one for certain times I don't take a pedal board.

I also have the Polytune clip, Polytune 3,and a Peterson Strobo, the St300 is faster and easier to use for me.
Somebody rumored here there will be a Turbo Tuner clip on. Whether it's true or not, if that ever happens, I'm buying it instantly.


I vote regular, because having a battery powered is nice if I have a really small board and don't want to bring wall-warts or power supply.


Just got my ST-300 mini today and put it on the board. The Polytune Noir wasn't a bad tuner in the end. I might have used the all-strings-at-once function a handful of times at most. It's a neat feature just not very practical since you can only tune one string at a time. And since I always check/tune all strings regardless, knowing which one might be out of tune is mostly surplus to requirements

The TGP zeal for the Turbo Tuner convinced me as well. I do miss my old humongous Peterson Strobostomp's functionality so it's nice to get back to a device that is less of a 'needle emulation' type and more of a strobe type where the speed and direction of the 'travel' of the lights provide info on how far off a string is and how fast or slow to turn the peg.

I guess what I don't understand is why such a superior product is a mostly/exclusively direct order item when both big box retail and mom and pops are selling inferior stuff. I suppose the price and logistics of ordering is mostly the same...just another one of those gear industry mysteries.

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