Do I need another guitar ( thinking Gretch 5422)?


What sounds can't be covered by my guitars? Mostly I play contemporary praise and rock but no jazz, country or heavy metal styles. 74 Maple Neck Strat with the "Gold" Lace sensor pickups and a Carvin AE185 hybrid ( kind of like a Telecaster with a small amount of hollowbody -- includes two humbuckers and acoustic bridge pickup ).
I've been considering selling the Strat and getting a Gretch or possibly even a Variax if I could find a shape I didn't hate. Those two that I own cover a lot of ground and with effects I haven't found heavy tones out of reach either. I like the rockabilly tones these things are known for, but don't find much opportunity to play it.
Gretch 5422

Lace Gold Sensor Electric Guitar Pickups - Lace single

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