Do I really need a DI and/or an Audio Interface

I am a bit confused.

I am planning on purchasing a Traynor YCS50. For silent night-time playing and recording I would love to just hook it up to the computer/headphones. But it doesn;t have a headphone jack.

One of its features is that it has a "XLR Balanced D.I. Line Out Jack" (as stated in the manual). As I see it, it is both balanced and it is a D.I.

So, theoretically, can't I just use an xlr-1/8 cable adapter?

I called Traynor, and the representative said that my reasoning was sound, but that he had to be "politically correct" (nothing really political here!) and recommend that I use an audio interface. But, wouldn't that be redundant?

As a side note, I have a Rocksmith Real Tone Cable that works as a (1/4-usb) DI. I also have a Zoom g3 that can serve as an audio interface.

But I would really like to somehow take advantage of this XLR out to go as straight to my headphones as possible without plugging in various other things.

So people with good technical knowledge, please chime in!


The pathetic "pre-amps" they are going to put on a 1/8' line/mic on a computer are not designed to handle a pro-level balanced XLR signal converted to a 1/8' line in.

Also, probably the wrong forum area to post this thread in.
Thanks for the note about PC preamps 78deleuxe. If I had an xlr-usb adapter would it make any difference? Sorry if you feel that the post is not properly located. I struggled thinking about where to place it and ultimately thought that since I was discussing an output on the amp that I wanted to use for silent playing (whether with a PC or not) it was the best place for it. I think it would have been equally out of place in the "recording" forum since my priority was not recording, but just to hear myself with decent sound (not necessarily recording quality).

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