Do rs superpots really make a big difference...


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Yes. Feel good, work well. I work the volume pot a lot, so I need the best pot money can buy. ;^)


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I've never used an RS audio taper Superpot without an upgraded cap, but I have used upgraded caps on newer standard ~500K CTS audio taper pots.

RS Superpot + cap upgrade = HUGE difference over stock Gibson (ref. 1976 SG)
Stock Gibson + cap upgrade = BIG difference over stock (ref. 2004 R8)

However, I would never think to replace the pots/caps in my 1971 SG Special - it's perfect the way it is.

Also, I would never get replacement pots and NOT upgrade the caps. I don't care who says "It's all snake oil." I can hear and feel the difference, and that's all that matters to me. The caps really do open up the potential of the pickups... wood is the best way I can describe it (wood tone, boys, wood tone)... depth, clarity, richness... those kinda adjectives. I'm speaking to PAF style winds... high 7, low to mid 8 ohms.

The price difference between a standard CTS and an RS Superpot is, what, $10? Well worth it if you're replacing those nasty things Gibson used in the past. Mine responded to settings of either 10, 8, or 3... nothing discernable, really, inbetween.

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